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SERIS Program

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SERIS is a 2-day program for undergraduate students to visit Stanford to learn about graduate school and how to prepare for it. It occurs annually in Winter Quarter. Learn more about SERIS here. To help, you can:

  • Join our weekly meetings to assist in planning
    • Catering
    • Faculty talks
    • Student travel and lodging
    • Room booking
    • T-shirts and marketing
  • Help with lab tours
    • Roughly four 20 - 30 minute lab tours take place during the SERIS program
    • Lead a tour of your lab to show undergraduate students your research
  • Sit on a student panel
    • We have two student panel groups (one made of Master's students and one with PhD students) during the SERIS program
    • Panel sessions last approximately one hour and each panel is made of about 5 students

Are you interested in helping with SERIS but don't want to attend a weekly meeting? 

Email us at