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2021 - 2022 Program

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In 2022, our inaugural program was highly competitive. Our application consisted of demographics questions, extracurricular activities information, short answer questions, and a resume upload. 

We had 51 applications, and after careful review we selected 16 students. Of the 16 participants, 10 were Stanford undergraduates, 3 were Bay-Area students (from UC Berkeley, the University of Pacific, and San Jose State University), and 3 East-Coast students (two students from Harvard University and the third from the Georgia Institute of Technology). 

We were especially proud to host many individuals from different backgrounds and communities. In our first program, we had 7 students who self-identified as first generation Americans and immigrants, 9 first generation college students, and 12 students of color. 

Additionally, we hosted students from a wide variety of engineering disciplines. Some interests included computer science, mechanical engineering, aerospace, medicine, and interdisciplinary sectors

“Thank you so much for this experience, it was really eye-opening and I am sure that if I hadn't applied to this and got in, I wouldn't have known about how PhD degrees work and how to apply to them.” - SERIS 2022 Participant

"The program was amazing... It was extremely beneficial coming from a first generational background not knowing anything of research opportunities at Stanford and other institutions." - SERIS 2022 Participant

"Thank you all so much for creating this program! It was so so insightful and I’m so glad I was able to participate. I will surely use all the information learned here in my journey towards grad school!" - SERIS 2022 Participant

"The connections formed at this event are invaluable and I hope they continue into the future." - SERIS 2022 Participant

Are you interested in attending this year's program?

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