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2022 - 2023 Program

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In 2023, our program was highly competitive. Our application consisted of demographic questions, extracurricular activities information, short answer questions, and a resume upload. 

We had 76 applications this year (up from 51 in 2022), and after careful review, we selected 20 students. Ten were Stanford students, five were bay-area students (UC Berkeley, the University of Pacific, San Jose State University, and Santa Clara University), and five were out-of-state students (Howard, Olin College of Engineering, Villanova, MIT, and Georgia Tech).

We were especially proud to host many individuals from different backgrounds and communities. In our program, we had 8 students who self-identified as first-generation Americans and immigrants, 13 first-generation college students, and 16 students of color. 

Additionally, we hosted students from a wide variety of engineering disciplines. Some interests included computer science, mechanical engineering, aerospace, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, and interdisciplinary sectors.

"I liked the exposure to the day in the life of a Ph.D student and the research they do. It has inspired me to pursue higher education. As a FLI student, academia and these amazing higher education opportunities weren’t something I had much exposure to." - SERIS 2023 Participant

"I liked how hands on [SERIS] is. This is one of the first programs that I come out of where I have a tangible improvement in a resume or an email that I will use to apply for research programs."  - SERIS 2023 Participant

"You guys are awesome! Thank you for this program. It inspired me to pursue academia and higher education, something that I had doubts about doing before the program." - SERIS 2023 Participant

"Thank you all so much for everything. This is a great program and it’s really noble that you guys took the time to think about unrepresented minorities. Now I think that my dreams can actually be possible, and I have a plan. The mentorship program is also really, really great." - SERIS 2023 Participant

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