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Our Mission

At virtually every engineering department in the United States, underrepresented minority students make up a miniscule part of the graduate student population. Members of SERIO believe that this is largely due to the inadequate preparation that underrepresented minority undergraduate students are afforded that then limit their chances to secure admission to prestigious engineering graduate schools.

SERIO’s fundamental objective is to support and nurture underrepresented undergraduate students on their path towards graduate-level STEM education. Through formal mentorship programs with current underrepresented Stanford graduate students as well as our annual flagship Stanford Engineering Research Introductions (SERIS) Program, we introduce our selected students to research seminars from Stanford faculty, panels from current Stanford students, and engineering lab tours led by Stanford researchers. By introducing talented underrepresented students to research early in their college career, followed by careful mentorship and workshops throughout their undergraduate years, we believe that our students can achieve their post-college career goals.

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