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Frequently Asked Questions

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SERIS Program Application FAQs 


Am I eligible to attend this program?

SERIS is available for any individual with an interest in STEM with 2-3 years left in their undergraduate education at United States universities. This typically means freshman and sophomore students, however, if you are a non-traditional student, meaning you have returned to school with 2-3 years left, you are also encouraged to apply. We are unfortunately unable to provide travel to international students or minors (<18 years old), so they are not eligible. 

What If I do not come from an underrepresented background?

While the SERIS Program aims to primarily empower those from underrepresented backgrounds, we invite applications from all undergraduate students from any background who are interested in learning about academic engineering research.

What is my STEM GPA?

The STEM GPA is derived from strictly your Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Courses. Courses such as Music, History, English, World Languages, and Art should not be used in the calculation of this GPA.

Should I send my updated transcript after completing my Fall semester/quarter to

The SERIS Team understands that some applicants may not have a GPA at their undergraduate institution during the time at which the application is submitted or that applicants may be compelled to send in their Fall 2021 grades after submitting their application. You are welcome to send us your updated 2021 Fall semester/quarter grades however they will most likely not affect our decision in any way and we want to be clear that doing this is entirely optional and not expected from any applicant.

Will I have to pay out-of-pocket for this program?

No! We will either cover or reimburse you for all fees related to this program including Travel, Lodging, Meals, and other misc. costs.

Can I apply as a Junior or Senior?

We are aware that some students may be upperclassmen but may have a couple of years remaining in their undergraduate program. Typically, we will seriously consider applications from applicants that have at least two years left in their undergraduate degree, irrespective of class standing.

What is your selection criteria?

We are looking for talented, academically motivated, serious undergraduate students who have the potential to complete a graduate engineering degree from a top ranked engineering school. We strongly encourage applications from those whose backgrounds, perspectives, and life experiences would enrich engineering schools at colleges and universities.

What is the time commitment?

If accepted to the program, you should be present for all program dates and events. Typically, this includes Thursday afternoon, all of Friday, and Saturday morning of the program weekend. For out-of-state and bay-area students, you should expect to travel on Thursday and Saturday. If you need to miss class to attend the program, we are able to write letters of excuse to present to professors.