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Cardinal Commitment

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SERIO is a Cardinal Commitment Organization, meaning we are partnered with the Haas Center for public service. 

Making a Cardinal Commitment open to any graduate student SERIO members. A Cardinal Commitment is a way to show your interest and dedication to SERIO. A Cardinal Commitment is personal, and neither SERIO nor the Haas Center will keep track of your progress towards your commitment. Making a Cardinal Commitment helps strengthen SERIO’s connection to the Haas center and allows the organization (as well as you) to access resources including event/meeting space, funding, and help with event planning. 

In SERIO, a Cardinal Commitment Qualification is (at least 1):

Active mentor for at least three quarters in our mentorship program

Attend a supermajority (75%) of weekly event-planning meeting for three quarters

View our service page here

Cardinal Commitment Example Application

  1. Click link: Make a Cardinal Commitment
  2. Click “Continue to Application”
  3. Select the country or countries you’d like to travel to for this opportunity
    1. United States of America (Stanford on-campus)
  4. Fill out personal information
  5. Which commitment are you declaring?
    1. Engagement - ALL GENERAL MEMBERS
    2. Leadership - EXECUTIVE TEAM
  6. Name of partner organization
    1. Not listed
    2. Other organization: Stanford Engineering Research Organization (SERIO)
  7. When did you begin your commitment?
    1. Back-date up to one quarter, if applicable
  8. Mission statement
    1. Example general member: I will mentor an undergraduate student throughout the academic year, providing guidance to them about how to obtain their graduate school goals and succeed in their undergraduate career. 
    2. Example general member: I will help plan a majority of organization events for the academic year, providing my input and guidance to make events impactful to the Stanford community and undergraduate students from surrounding universities. 
    3. Example leadership: As SERIO leadership, I will attend all event-planning meetings and mentor an undergraduate student throughout the academic year. As leadership I will work to uplift the Principles of Ethical and Effective Service.
  9. Commitment to ongoing reflection
    1. After each event and/or mentorship meeting, I will reflect on what went well and what could be improved in future events. I will work to document these reflections in the group Google Drive, so others in the future may have guidance. 
  10. Time and effort
    1. I will make SERIO a priority, similar to my classes or research, so that I maintain time in my schedule for the service. If I am feeling overwhelmed, I will work with other members of the SERIO team to share the burden and maintain my commitment. 


Next Steps

After making your commitment, you will complete service and then at the end of three quarters you can make a reflection on how the commitment went.