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Event Coordination and Leadership

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Weekly Meetings

SERIO executive board (and any graduate student SERIO members who would like to attend) will meet weekly to plan upcoming events, draft emails, work on inclusive marketing strategies, and fundraising

Executive Team

Our core executive team is made up of the President, Vice - President, Financial Officer, Marketing Officer, and Mentorship Director. If you are interested in one of those positions, or would like to help lead the organization in a custom position, let us know at Elections are held annually in Spring quarter. 

If you would like to know more about our the team, join us at our weekly meeting!

Event Types

In addition to SERIS and Mentorship Program events, we hold several intermittent events throughout the school year.

Introductory Events

Tabling at the Fall Quarter Student Organization & Engagement Fair for undergraduate students and graduate students. We hand out information cards and candy, answering questions about the program and recruiting members. 

Informational Events 

  • Informational session for undergraduate students, typically held in Fall quarter, to teach undergraduate students how to prepare to enter research, what they should prioritize to create a strong graduate school resume, and what how to apply to graduate schools
  • Informational session on our 3-day program, SERIS, for undergraduate students typically held in Fall quarter