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SERIO has a variety of events planned throughout the school year. For each of these events, we are looking for graduate student help with organizing and running the programs (check out our participation page), and undergraduate student attendees. 

  • Weekly meetings
    • SERIO executive board will meet weekly to plan upcoming events, draft emails, work on inclusive marketing strategies, and fundraising
    • Open participation: All general graduate student SERIO members are invited to attend all meetings
  • Mentorship meetings
    • Spring and Summer quarter reunion meetings between SERIO mentees and graduate student mentors
    • At minimum biannual phone or email exchange between SERIO mentees and graduate student mentors
    • Open participation: Becoming a SERIO mentee is open to any undergraduate student who previously attended a SERIO event. Becoming a mentor is open to any graduate student SERIO member.
  • Informational sessions
    • Tabling at the Fall Quarter Student Organization & Engagement Fair
    • Fall quarter session to teach freshman undergraduate students how to prepare to enter research and what they should prioritize to create a strong graduate school resume 
    • Fall quarter informational session on our 3-day program, SERIS 
    • Open participation: These sessions are open to all graduate and undergraduate students at Stanford (and neighboring universities if students are able to arrange their own transport). 
  • SERIS program
    • 2-day program for undergraduate students to visit Stanford and learn about graduate school and how to prepare as an undergraduate student. SERIS will occur annually in early Winter Quarter. 
    • Open application: Attendees will be selected based on need and merit from a written application. The written application is open to all undergraduate students from any university.